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Mens Black Neck Tie (Each)

Mens Black Neck Tie (Each)


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Mens black dress neck tie four in hand for Army Junior ROTC / Senior ROTC & Navy cadets. This is NOT a clip on tie

Army JROTC handbook states the black necktie or neck tab is mandatory while wearing the ASU coat.

Navy Correct Wear according to the NJROTC Cadet Manual Wear tie knotted with a half windsor, a windsor, or a four-inhand knot. Wear the top of the knot parallel to and slightly above the top of the shirt collar closure, hiding the top button. The bottom of the tie hangs within one inch of the top of the belt buckle. The tie does not cover the belt buckle.

Black Neck Tie
Branch of Service: Army & Navy JROTC / ROTC Cadets
Attachment Style:
Tie On (4 in Hand)
Unit of Issue: 1
Color: Black
Length: 56"
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