JROTC Dog Tags owns and operates multiple websites such as JROTC.com, ROTC.com, JROTCDogTags.com, AirForceJROTC.com and more. We have officially combined all the websites to this one website but are still the same company you know and love operated by Ernie, Sabrena & Family.

Q: Why are the nameplates jumping in price?
A: If the price of your nameplates aren't adding up it could be the number of quantity you have. The quantity is how many plates per name you need. Example: If you type 3 names and put a quantity of 3 you would get 3 of each name for a total of 9 nameplates
Q: What does D/S mean?
A: This means that this item is made on demand and drop ships from one of our other locations. Please pay attention to time frames on those products.