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JROTC Dog Tags, Inc.

Navy with crest smooth 1x3 name plates

Navy with crest smooth 1x3 name plates


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Navy JROTC  ROTC (USN) name plate includes 1 engraved black plastic nametag with crest and 2 back clutch tips. NJROTC / Sea cadets name badges.

Size: 1" tall x 3" wide
Texture: Smooth
Color: Black
Letter Color: White

Q: Why are the nameplates jumping in price?
A: If the price of your nameplates aren't adding up it could be the number of quantity you have. The quantity is how many plates per name you need. Example: If you type 3 names and put a quantity of 3 you would get 3 of each name for a total of 9 nameplates
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