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Medkit Refill pack

Medkit Refill pack


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This medical refill kit comes with over 300 items to resupply your first aid kit.

**Over 300 piece kit!

Bag includes:
6x Aspirin Tablets 2/pk
1x Burn Relief, 3.5 mg
6x Extra Strength Non-Asprin, 2/pk
6x Ibuprofen, 2/pk
1x Red Cross First Aid Guide
2x Nitrile Exam Gloves
1x Cold compress, 4"x5"
75x Adhesive Bandage, Plastic 3/4"x3"
30x Adhesive Bandage, Plastic 1"x3"
15x BZK Antiseptic Towlette
3x Instect Sting Relief Pad
2x First Aid cream pack
1x Tweezers
2x Adhesive Bandage,Plastic 2"x4"
50x Adhesive Bandage 3/8"x1 1/2"
1x 1-1/2"x1-1/2" Patch bandage
20x Adhesive Bandage, Fabric 3/4"x3"
10x Adhesive Bandage, Fabric 1"x3"
4x Knuckle Fabric Bandage
4x Fingertip Fabric Bandage
2x First Aid Tape roll, 1/2"x5yd
1x Sterile Eye pad  
1x Emergency Blanket
3x Moleskin Square Bandage, 2"x2"
3x Butterfly wound closure 3/8"x113/16"
6x Gauze Dressing Pads, Sterile 2"x2"
4x Gauze Dressing Pads, Sterile 3"x3"
2x Gauze Dressing Pads, Sterile 4"x4"
1x Gauze Roll Bandage, 2"x4yds
1x Trama Pad, 5"x9"
14x Alcohol Cleansing pad
6x Antibiotic Ointment pack
1x Scissors
1x Thermometer
10x Cotton Tipped Applicator
2x Finger Spint/Tongue

FREE Upgrades Provided in every pack:
2x Cold Pack
2x Crinkle Wrap
2x Elastic Bandage
2x Gauze Roll

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