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JROTC Dog Tags, Inc.

Custom Guidon Flag ROTC/JROTC (Each) (Allow 4 Months)

Custom Guidon Flag ROTC/JROTC (Each) (Allow 4 Months)


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Custom Guidon flag made with your 2 custom lines of information and your colors.  These JROTC / ROTC guidons have a swallowtail. 

Approved by The Institute of Heraldry. 

Guidons measure approximately 19 1/2" Tall X 28" Long. Sewn with a sleeve to go through the Guidon pole (also called a ferrule) and a fabric tab sewn in to attach the Guidon in place on the pole. The standard colors for the Army JROTC, ROTC and Active Duty unit Guidon Flags are ROTC Grey fabric with Red text with Torch, but you can change the colors for a custom look at no extra charge. These Battalion Company and Platoon Guidons are 100% embroidered (no screen printing) and sewn on both sides. They are outstanding quality for Parade, Retirement gifts, and other public ceremonies.
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